"I love you guys very much, and I really never want you to forget that because every time I said that I really meant it, and I will never not love you guys. There’s not a day where I don’t think about all of you, and I know there will never be a day when I don’t. And I hope you guys will live the most genuinely, happy lives that you could possibly live. And just know that I’ll miss you guys so, so much."

"I want you guys all to remember that you are all important, and I really do mean that because you are."

For such a long time Leda’s videos have helped me through a lot of rough times. Watching this breaks my heart because now she’s just gone. But you can tell she genuinely cares about every single one of her fans. I will never hold it against her for leaving Youtube because I know she has helped so many people, including me. If she hadn’t introduced me to Ghost Town almost 2 years ago I don’t know where I’d be. At this point I just want her to live her life the best she can and I can find security in the fact that she wants the exact same for all of us.